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Welcome to the Minecraft Discontinued Features Wiki!

This is a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information on all things discontinued from all editions of Minecraft. This wiki and its 661 articles are managed and maintained by 15 active wiki contributors, and many more members of the discontinued community. Feel free to contribute!

For information on the Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, or Minecraft: Console Edition's of the game, please see their respective sections of this wiki:

Java.png Java Edition - Bedrock3.png Bedrock Edition - WIP.png Console Edition

What are Discontinued Features? Community Discord
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A Discontinued Feature is defined as: "A feature of Minecraft, whether a bug or an intentional feature, that could be acquired in specific versions of the game, and the ability to acquire said feature was, at some point, removed". These features become discontinued due to bug fixes, intentional gameplay redesigns, or simply code optimizations. Some of these features have since been recontinued, while others have been flat out deleted. Many of these features still exist in the current version of the game, despite being impossible to acquire normally. The intention of this wiki is to show the extents in which vanilla Minecraft gameplay can be taken.

That's right, this wiki has its own Discord server all about everything discontinued! Check it out to talk and interact with other contributors and Discontinued Feature enthusiasts!

Java.png Java Edition:

For now this section will display the most recent pages. This unfortunately includes redirects, highlighted by italicized text:

  1. Java Edition:Cleaving axe
  2. Java Edition:Flying Strider
  3. Java Edition:Cleaving Book trade
  4. Java Edition:Sign Spawner
  5. Java Edition:Indev House
  6. Java Edition:Undead Mob Wearing Jack o'Lantern with NBT
  7. Java Edition:Cursed Jack O'Lantern
  8. Java Edition:Armour Stand Wearing Jack oLantern
  9. Java Edition:Armour Stand Wearing Jack o'Lantern
  10. Java Edition:Armor Stand Wearing Jack oLantern
  11. Java Edition:Armor Stand Wearing Jack o'Lantern
  12. Java Edition:No NBT Map
  13. Java Edition:No NBT Filled Map
  14. Java Edition:Decorated Pot with Shards Tag
  15. Java Edition:Bottle o' Enchanting
  16. Java Edition:Chest with Items Inside (Item)
  17. Java Edition:NBT Transmutation
  18. Java Edition:Cursed Gold Block
  19. Java Edition:Comparator With Signal Strength Greater Than 15
  20. Java Edition:Floating Strider

WIP.png Console Edition:

For now this section will display the most recent pages. This unfortunately includes redirects, highlighted by italicized text:

  1. Console Edition:Named Armor Stand
  2. Console Edition:Invalid Data Value Double Slab
  3. Console Edition:List of Invalid Data Value Items
  4. Console Edition:Invalid Data Value Slab
  5. Console Edition:Understacked Items
  6. Console Edition:Invalid Data Value Log
  7. Console Edition:Petrified Oak Slab
  8. Console Edition:Invalid Data Value Sandstone
  9. Console Edition:Invalid Data Value Planks
  10. Console Edition:Multiple Chest
  11. Console Edition:Block Transmutation
  12. Console Edition:Frosted Ice (Item)
  13. Console Edition:Main Page
  14. Console Edition:Powered Redstone Lamp (Item)
  15. Console Edition:Bedrock (Item)

Bedrock3.png Bedrock Edition:

For now this section will display the most recent pages. This unfortunately includes redirects, highlighted by italicized text:

  1. Bedrock Edition:Spawner
  2. Bedrock Edition:Monster Spawner
  3. Bedrock Edition:Dupe
  4. Bedrock Edition:Dupes
  5. Bedrock Edition:Duping
  6. Bedrock Edition:Duplication
  7. Bedrock Edition:Leather Tunic with Efficiency I
  8. Bedrock Edition:Info update
  9. Bedrock Edition:Far Lands
  10. Bedrock Edition:Bubble Column (Item)
  11. Bedrock Edition:Permanent Moving Block
  12. Bedrock Edition:TNT Without Fuse Data
  13. Bedrock Edition:4 Trade Wandering Trader
  14. Bedrock Edition:Red Sandstone Trade
  15. Bedrock Edition:Sand Trade
  16. Bedrock Edition:Expensive Podzol Trade
  17. Bedrock Edition:Cheap Coral Trade
  18. Bedrock Edition:Expensive Coral Trade
  19. Bedrock Edition:Dye Trade
  20. Bedrock Edition:Double Tall Flower Trade

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